Adele Tribute Show at St Andrews Scotland

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December 10, 2016
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December 18, 2016

Katie Markham recently travelled up to her her Adele Tribute Show in Scotland. The venue itself was the prestigious Old Course Hotel, historic home of the Golf Open. A wonderful location with glorious scenery. Katie was invited to stay at the hotel the night before her performance and encouraged to make use of the impressive facilities. The hotel was undergoing some renovation but that did not take away from the majesty of the surroundings. The golf certainly carried on as usual!

The Adele Tribute Show was fully sold out and the staff at the hotel went out of their way to make sure the venue looked beautiful. There were candles on every table and once the lighting was dimmed the room looked fantastic.

Adele Tribute Show

Katie made her entrance whilst the guests were finishing off their meals and worked her way to the stage. She did this whilst singing her opening number, Skyfall. There were definitely quite a few die hard Adele fans in the audience and they were singing along to some of the lesser known numbers without missing a beat. Everyone was enjoying themselves and soon enough they were on their feet and dancing to the hits of the queen of pop.

Katie was able to keep them dancing all night. As soon as she stopped for her break, she was swamped with people wanting to take her picture.

She returned for a party spot a little later and once again blew the audience away with her vocal range. Everyone was soon racing back to the dance floor! The whole night was thoroughly enjoyable and everyone had a great time.

Check out the gallery below to see some of the photographs taken during the evening .

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