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Adele Tribute Show
Adele Tribute Show at St Andrews Scotland
December 18, 2016
The Adele Story Channel 5 Documentary
Adele Story Channel 5 Documentary
October 31, 2017

An Adele Tribute Booking recently came through for Katie to appear in a national advertising campaign. It turned out to be for Nissan, led by the Sun Newspaper. They were looking to promote their new Nissan Micra car and wanted to do a Car-Pool Karaoke video. Unfortunately the James Cordon lookalike didn’t know how to drive so the plan was changed slightly. Katie was asked to appear as her Adele Tribute alongside a Robbie Williams and Lady Gaga impersonator.

Adele Tribute Booking


Katie travelled down to London where she was met by the team working on the advert. She was filmed throughout the day singing in the car and posing at famous landmarks such as the Abbey Road zebra crossing made famous by the Beatles.

Everyone had a fantastic time and the producer really wanted to capture the banter and joking between us all for the video segments. There were many GoPro cameras situated around the vehicle and everyone was encouraged to sing along to hits from Adele, Robbie and Gaga.

The car itself was fantastic and featured some awesome Bose speakers built right into the headrest of the seats.

Adele Tribute Booking


Check out the video of the whole thing which is featured on the Sun Motors YouTube page.

If you would like to contact Katie for any Adele Tribute Booking, please get in touch using the contact page on the website. Thanks

Adele Tribute Booking





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